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Download these FREE booklets which contain an introduction to the product, varied activities and learning objectives for children.
Available in a range of languages.

Original Polydron

Original Polydron Frameworks

Original Polydron Sphera


Model Guides

Download these FREE guides which contain various models that can be built with each set.

Original Polydron

My First Octoplay

Magnetic Polydron

Junior Polydron

Giant Polydron

Giant Octoplay

XL Polydron

Original Polydron Vehicle Builder

Solid Magnetic Polydron

Translucent Solid Magnetic Polydron

MegaMag Polydron

My First Polydron

Polydron KinderMag

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Keeping Your Polydron Clean

Original Polydron Home Learning Pack

The Original Polydron Home Learning Pack is a great way for parents and children to play and discover together. The pack contains instructions and puzzles that will encourage the users to investigate basic geometric forms and spark their creative instincts to use the pieces together.

Activities for Children and Students

We are delighted to offer these free downloadable resources for you to use when working with Original Polydron. Each downloadable PDF contains 10 pages featuring various activities for different age ranges.

A big thank you to Bob Ansell for creating these great exercises.

How to Make a 3D Heart of Original Polydron!

Follow our step by step guide on how to make a heart out of Original Polydron!

Teaching and Learning 3-D Geometry

These work cards for teacher training courses are designed to address the latest Primary Maths Curriculum. They will provide a number of practical exercises and teaching tips using Original Polydron.

Written by Bob Ansell, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Northampton, the work-cards cover working with Triangles, Pyramids, Prisms, Open Cubes, Nets of a Cube, Venn Diagrams, Antiprisms, and Platonic Solids. The final four activities are extensions which are more demanding and are suitable for promoting 3-D geometry amongst primary mathematics specialists or those aspiring to leadership in primary mathematics. The topics covered are Archimedean Solids, Euler's Polyhedron Formula and Tetrahedron Puzzle.

Thanks very much to Bob Ansell.