Polydron is incredibly easy to use, to see Polydron in action click play on a video below.

Magnetic Polydron

Solid Magnetic Polydron

Original Polydron

Crystal Polydron

Polydron Frameworks Archimedean Solids

This product was featured in the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2006 as a clear means of demonstrating the Archimedean solids. You can view The Num8er My5teries lecture with Marcus du Sautoy on the Ri Channel website.

The Num8er My5teries

MegaMag Polydron

Giant PolyPlay

Giant Polydron Vehicle Builder

Octoplay and Giant Octoplay

Polydron Sphera

Magnetic Polydron

Translucent Polydron

XL Polydron

Magnetic Polydron by Early Learning Toys

Magnetic Polydron is a new geometric construction product from Polydron. It is a fun, informative and highly addictive set of magnetic shapes that helps children to explore the worlds of shape and space and magnetism. The product is black on one side with colours on the reverse. The pieces will join only when the polarity is correct in line with the colours. I like that it is manufactured from hard wearing plastic making it timeless. My children would be able to play with this set for many years to come and pass it to their children after.

Wooden Polyplay Bright Colours

Giant Polyplay

Giant Octoplay

Wooden Octoplay

Magnetic Polydron on Irish TV3 Toy Show

Junior Polydron

Giant Polydron Clip-In Panels

Polydron Engineer - 4 cylinder engine

5 Platonic Solids - Numberphile

The Platonic Planets

Polydron Shapes

Polydron Frameworks

Polydron Sphera

Magnetic Polydron

Magnetic Polydron 2

Magnetic Polydron - Cube

Magnetic Polydron - Ball (rhombicuboctahedron)

Magnetic Polydron 2D Shapes

Magnetic Polydron Drivers Set

Magnetic Polydron Platonic Solids

Magnetic Polydron Sphera

The Video Math Tutor - Polyhedra

The Video Math Tutor - Polydron Frameworks

The Video Math Tutor - Polydron Sphera

The Video Math Tutor - Pyramid Set

The Video Math Tutor - Prism Set