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27 April 2023  |  Laura Manning
The King’s Coronation and how to incorporate this into Early Years Settings

Whilst it is not essential for children to have lessons based around days in the national calendar, it is useful for children to have an understanding of what is going on in the world around them. Most importantly coming up in May 2023, the King’s Coronation!

17 March 2023  |  Emily Hanson
Polydron Translucent KinderMag

This year, Polydron brings you a fantastic new resource for schools and nurseries, suitable from 12 months+. Translucent KinderMag construction set is designed to support mathematical skills, design reasoning, fine motor control, and of course imaginative construction play.

16 January 2023  |  Laura Manning
How to Use Polydron Resources in Maths Problem Solving Activities

In light of Rishi Sunak asking pupils to study maths until age 18, there's no better time to use Polydron resources in maths problem-solving activities!

28 April 2022  |  Emily Hanson
5 EYFS Backed Ways for using KinderMag with your little ones

Construction play is a popular choice in Early Years settings. Enter: KinderMag! We’re excited to share our brand-new product, designed especially to suit ages 12 months plus.

21 February 2022  |  Paul Harwood
3 EYFS Backed Reasons Why You Should Engage in Outdoor Play

I don’t know about you, but I find that my productivity and energy levels skyrocket after just a mere thirty minutes outside each day. I make sure that I take a walk and breath in some fresh air during each lunch break, because I know that I will return to my desk feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle whatever is next on my to do list.

16 December 2021  |  Paul Harwood
Yearly Round-Up: Our 2021 Highlights

As 2021 comes to a close, we can’t help but sit and reflect about all of the things that we achieved this past year. From surviving yet another tumultuous year under a pandemic, to the addition of new members of the team – here are our yearly highlights.

30 November 2021  |  Paul Harwood
Toy Shortages

Hang up your tinsel and start warming up the mulled wine – Christmas isn’t cancelled just yet.

23 November 2021  |  Paul Harwood
The Education Industry & Climate Action

The COP26 summit has further amplified the UK’s commitments to become a world leader in sustainability right across the education system by engaging young people and bringing them on our journey toward net zero and a green future.

28 October 2021  |  Paul Harwood
The Benefits of Open-Ended Learning

Last weekend was my town’s turn to host the Big Draw Festival. The aim of the festival is to encourage children to use drawing as a tool for wellbeing, creativity, and social and cultural engagement.

21 October 2021  |  Paul Harwood
The Benefits of Using Lights During Play

Play is one of the best ways for young children to develop essential and important tools and skills which will set them up for the rest of their lives. Today, we would like to talk a little bit about light play and how it could benefit your children during their precious time spent playing.

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