The King’s Coronation and how to incorporate this into Early Years Settings


Whilst it is not essential for children to have lessons based around days in the national calendar, it is useful for children to have an understanding of what is going on in the world around them. Most importantly coming up in May 2023, the King’s Coronation!

The most obvious lesson would be to teach your cohort about the history of King Charles III and the royal family; however, your lesson can be much more engaging than this! Keep reading below to explore different activities and find out how to incorporate learning about the King's Coronation through play!

Mirrored Magnetic Polydron

Role Play:

The King’s jewels have been stolen!...

Our Mirrored Magnetic Polydron would make an amazing resource as part of a role play scene whilst teaching your cohort about the history of the royal family.

This reflective, shiny resource is perfect for inspiring children’s imagination, whilst also encouraging language skills and motivating fine motor development.

King's Coronation Throne

Construction Toys:

Providing a range of open-ended resources for your cohort is perfect for letting children use their imagination to build constructions based around the King and the royal family.

This image from @mini_messy_kids on Instagram was an amazing idea she created for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

However, why not re-create this for the King’s Coronation in May?

Our Polydron Natural XL Set is perfect for creating constructions based around King Charles and the royal family, such as a castle or a throne!

Tuff Trays

Tuff Trays:

Tuff Trays are such a creative and exciting way to celebrate and learn about the King’s Coronation.

Here at Polydron we have used a variety of different blue and red resources to create a Union Jack flag inspired Tuff Tray!

Using Tuff Trays in your early years setting is a fantastic way of learning through play. Children explore different textures and sensations whilst developing social and creative skills.

Challenge your cohort to make a tuff tray inspired by what they have learnt about the King’s Coronation and the royal family.

We hope that these ideas have sparked your imagination for all the fantastic ways you can incorporate learning about the King’s Coronation through play!

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