Polydron in Paraguay

Great to see you at the Ed Show today. I just wanted to say thanks again for donating the sets of Polydron to me two years ago to take to the volunteering project in Paraguay.

I took it to a project for street children where we played, lavished attention and did lots of craft activities. If it wasn't for the centre, these children would be out begging or selling things on the street. The Polydron was, by far, their favourite thing to play with and they were amazed by the endless possibilities of it. A small gesture from you made a real difference to them. Below are some photos of the children playing with the Polydron, and here is the link to my travel blog where I wrote about it (sorry, it's a long post and you have to stroll quite a long way down).

Thanks again

Beth Cox
Freelance Editor and Inclusion Advisor
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