Polydron Bridges the Physics Gap

HowToLearn.com awards Polydron Bridges as Best Educational Science Toy (Physics) 2012

Founded by Pat Wyman, America's Most Trusted Learning Expert and best selling author, HowToLearn.com has announced that Polydron Bridges was voted best Educational Science Toy in the Physics category. The quote below is from their web site:

The Best Educational Science Toys: Physics

The range of physics toys is broad; physics with its direct connection to the physical world and its often surprising behaviour is a rich mine for making fun and exciting toys.

It would be tempting to pick something with plenty of whizz - a rocket kit or a toy car or a rocket propelled toy car kit. But to stand out in this category takes something exceptional. It needs to demonstrate principles of physics exceptionally well, be hands on and creative and fun and eye-opening.

Our Pick for Best Educational Science Toy is Polydron Bridges of the World - A truly brilliant new set from the excellent Polydron stable of educational construction kits, the Polydron Bridges of The World kit provides all the materials and instructions needed to not only build but also test 8 different types of bridges all based on real-world landmarks.

A genuinely engaging blend of maths, engineering, physics, history and scientific method.

For more information, please contact Polydron or visit HowToLearn.com