Crystal Polydron - Great for seeing within shapes

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Crystal Polydron - Great for seeing within shapes

We have just launched a new range called Crystal Polydron. The size of the pieces are the same as our Original Polydron, the shapes are all solid and are totally transparent. They look stunning on light tables and against a light source. The introduction of transparent pieces allows you to see inside the structure. We are truly amazed at how stunning this range looks, and we hope you love the aesthetic appearance as much as we do; this is why we have listed 5 Fun Things to Do with our new Crystal Polydron:

1. Create 2D Nets

Crystal Polydron Tetrahedron NetCrystal Polydron Cube NetCrystal Polydron Pyramid Net

2. Create 3D Models

Crystal Polydron is the perfect resource to create 3D models, pictured below are just some of the basic models that you can make.

Crystal Polydron TetrahedronCrystal Polydron CubeCrystal Polydron Pyramid

3. Create Geometric Patterns

Create bright and interesting patterns, use a handful of shapes and clip them together, this is a great way to use your imagination and play around with colour combinations.

Crystal Polydron Pattern

4. Use on a Light Table

Any light source will work for this activity, whether it be a light-table, box or even just a torch. Using light will create reflections and shadows; and is also perfect for sensory play.

Crystal Polydron Light Table

5. Mix Primary Colours

As the Crystal pieces are so transparent, you are able to mix primary colours to make secondary colours.

Crystal Polydron Mix Colours

Ultimately, Polydron is a key learning tool used in most classrooms around the world for teaching geometry across all ages. Using Polydron is not just a great satisfying learning experience for children, but also enhances imagination and fine motor skills

To find out more information about Crystal Polydron please download our catalogue and view pages 49 to 51. Alternatively, please email our Sales Director Cyril Dowling.