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Our extensive Mathematics range covers a broad range from preschool and reception to primary school classes of all ages. The first product we launched was our Original Polydron range over 40 years ago and continues to gain in popularity every year. The Polydron Class Set is the perfect introduction to this range. All the pieces are made from the highest quality plastic, and the pieces will last for many years.

Our products are promoted by Maths professionals around the world. They provide both a simple introduction to geometry for younger children and allow older children to explore more complex geometric shapes and their properties - our Polydron Frameworks Archimedean Solids Set is ideal for this area and includes a building guide.

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Polydron Basic Set - New Colours

Polydron Basic Set - New Colours£64.26

164 Pieces

Polydron Frameworks 18 Octagons

Polydron Frameworks 18 Octagons£29.56

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 30 Hexagons

Polydron Frameworks 30 Hexagons£29.56

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 40 Pentagons

Polydron Frameworks 40 Pentagons£29.56

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 50 Rectangles

Polydron Frameworks 50 Rectangles£29.56

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 60 Large Equilateral Triangles

Polydron Frameworks 60 Large Equilateral Triangles£29.56

Root 2 Triangle - Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 80 Squares

Polydron Frameworks 80 Squares£29.56

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks Geometry Set

Polydron Frameworks Geometry Set£107.10

266 Pieces

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Page 6 of 9:    106 Items