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Design & Technology

Explore our Engineering sets which show how simple machines work. Using cams and linkages, children can build recognisable models such engines and fairground rides and then see how they work.

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Polydron Engineering Class Set

Polydron Engineering Class Set£140.63

250 Pieces

Crystal Polydron Class Set

Crystal Polydron Class Set£119.00

184 Pieces

Crystal MegaMag Polydron

Crystal MegaMag Polydron£116.15

36 Pieces

Crystal Polydron Basic Set

Crystal Polydron Basic Set£75.73

164 Pieces

Polydron Engineering Set

Polydron Engineering Set£64.90

109 Pieces

Crystal Polydron Equilateral Set

Crystal Polydron Equilateral Set£28.12

100 Pieces

Crystal Polydron Hexagon Set

Crystal Polydron Hexagon Set£28.12

20 Pieces

Crystal Polydron Pentagon Set

Crystal Polydron Pentagon Set£28.12

24 Pieces

Crystal Polydron Square Set

Crystal Polydron Square Set£28.12

40 Pieces

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items