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Early Years

Explore our large range of early years resources designed to support children’s learning and development in a fun and engaging way. We have a broad range of outdoor resources which are ideal for children aged 2+ such as Giant Polydron, XL Polydron and Giant Octoplay. We also have a range of tabletop construction and maths products with our Magnetic Polydron, Mega Mag and My First Polydron ranges.

We highly recommend our outdoor range which can be used both indoors and outdoors when wet or dry. There are textured surfaces (including braille) on our outdoors pieces. Giant Polydron and XL Polydron are great for introducing children to their first shapes through construction and play.

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Magnetic Polydron Multicultural Figures

Magnetic Polydron Multicultural Figures£28.50

24 Pieces

Magnetic Polydron Pentagon Set

Magnetic Polydron Pentagon Set£28.50

12 Pieces

Magnetic Polydron Platonic Solids Set

Magnetic Polydron Platonic Solids Set£79.81

50 Pieces

Magnetic Polydron School Set

Magnetic Polydron School Set£434.30

224 Magnetic Polydron Pieces

Octoplay Action Pack

Octoplay Action Pack£77.89

296 Pieces

Octoplay Booklet and Work Cards

Octoplay Booklet and Work Cards£8.67

25 Double Sided Cards

Octoplay Fun Pack

Octoplay Fun Pack£50.48

152 Pieces

Octoplay Learner Pack

Octoplay Learner Pack£17.31

60 Pieces

Octoplay Play Pack

Octoplay Play Pack£30.28

144 Pieces

Octoplay Wheel Pack

Octoplay Wheel Pack£12.50

8 Pieces

Wooden Magnetic Polydron

Wooden Magnetic Polydron£84.00

16 Triangles and 16 Squares

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Page 4 of 5:    55 Items