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With over 100 construction products, we have something for everyone. Squares and triangles are the building blocks for most constructions whether you are making simple shapes like cubes and pyramids or more complex shapes like icosahedrons or objects such as towers, buildings and animals. Then add other shapes such as hexagons and pentagons to make more complex constructions.

Why not try our Magnetic Polydron range which is a favourite amongst budding builders. The pieces click together with ease and although your constructions will be very strong when made, they are easy to take apart again. The inside of the pieces are black to demonstrate polarity so you know which way round to connect them.

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Polydron Frameworks 40 Pentagons

Polydron Frameworks 40 Pentagons£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 50 Rectangles

Polydron Frameworks 50 Rectangles£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 60 Large Equilateral Triangles

Polydron Frameworks 60 Large Equilateral Triangles£23.80

Root 2 Triangle - Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks 80 Squares

Polydron Frameworks 80 Squares£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron Frameworks Basic Set

Polydron Frameworks Basic Set£60.58

280 Pieces

Polydron Frameworks Class Set

Polydron Frameworks Class Set£86.54

310 Pieces

Polydron Frameworks Geometry Set

Polydron Frameworks Geometry Set£108.17

266 Pieces

Polydron Mega Box

Polydron Mega Box£32.46

126 Pieces

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Page 8 of 11:    131 Items