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Original Polydron

Original and Best

Polydron is the original and still superior construction shape, recognised in many countries as the world’s leading resource for teaching Maths; two and three-dimensional geometry; design and technology. It is used as a major aid for developing spatial awareness and is easily used by children, giving excellent play value, although it is versatile enough to be utilised for complex mathematical theories.

The unique joints readily snap together giving a superior hinge. This design is critical to forming two and three-dimensional geometric shapes.

The range is fully supported by an assortment of professionally written books and activity ideas. The tough and durable pieces are made to a quality which will last and be relevant for generations to come.

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Polydron 40 Squares

Polydron 40 Squares£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron 40 Squares - New Colours

Polydron 40 Squares - New Colours£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron 50 Large Equilateral Triangles

Polydron 50 Large Equilateral Triangles£23.80

Root 2 Triangle - Bulk Set

Polydron 60 Isosceles Triangles

Polydron 60 Isosceles Triangles£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron 60 Triangles and 30 Struts

Polydron 60 Triangles and 30 Struts£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron 80 Right Angle Triangles

Polydron 80 Right Angle Triangles£23.80

Bulk Set

Polydron Basic Set

Polydron Basic Set£64.90

164 Pieces

Polydron Basic Set - New Colours

Polydron Basic Set - New Colours£64.26

164 Pieces

Polydron Class Set

Polydron Class Set£103.85

184 Pieces

Polydron Class Set - New Colours

Polydron Class Set - New Colours£102.82

184 Pieces

Polydron Platonic Solids Set

Polydron Platonic Solids Set£21.63

50 Pieces

Polydron Primary Maths Set

Polydron Primary Maths Set£205.54

414 Pieces

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Page 2 of 3:    30 Items