About Us

When Edward Harvey invented the original squares and triangles that snapped together to help the formation of cubes and prisms in the early 1970's, he had little idea that over 40 years later children around the world would still be enjoying the innovation. Edward's son, Ronan realised the potential of this wonderful and unique tool, and marketed it to the education fraternity. This innovative tool has grown in popularity and has helped and inspired millions of children around the world.

The present custodian of Polydron, Richard Hardstaff, is as passionate about Polydron as its inventor. He has overseen new innovations such as the new Magnetic and Giant ranges, which will continue to inspire and help educate children for many years to come.

Today the Polydron team is a tight knit and dedicated unit who work from a modern facility in the Cotswolds within the UK. We are focused on giving the best possible service to all of our customers in a very competitive market place.

The management team is made up of:

Richard Hardstaff - Managing Director

Richard joined Polydron in 1984 and has been involved in every aspect of its development. His experience ensures that Polydron's future is secure, and in safe hands.

Cyril Dowling - Sales Director

Cyril manages all sales matters and has been the face of the company around the globe since 2004.